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Hot one moment, and cold the next…Sweet one moment, and mean the next. You and I definitely have a long and arduous road ahead of us.

The wedding, in the end, will not become a problem for the two of us. In the future, we will have to experience many discomforts and problems. Despite it all, if you and I can be together happily for even a single moment, then in that moment I believe that marriage is worth doing.

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You were my first love.

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Will you marry me?

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“You don’t think I feel the same? I feel the same. Not even once have I ever doubted myself. But because of you, I’m wavering. I keep hating myself because of you. Even so… I want to be with you.”
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“If I say I’m grateful, I’m worried that this phrase will be the last”.

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But that woman…knows how to treat a person with honesty… And that woman, knows how to take care…of a person’s hurt feelings….and sympathize with them. That’s why…she’s my very special and precious, very lovely wife—Kim Mi Young.

"I should be happy. I should".

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It’s been unfair for me to suffer, so I was going to slap you when we met again, but now that you’re crying, I can’t even scold you.” – Hee Jin.

This is a gun, swords can’t stop it!

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